Looking for some extra help with your school bill?  Most Adventist schools provide matching scholarships to students who participate in summer Youth Rush programs.  Please note that schools only match funds actually given to the school, with proper documentation showing earnings from Youth Rush; money which you pocket is not matched.  We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information below—for verified information please contact the institutions directly.  We also do not guarantee your earnings amount, which varies from student to student.


50% of earnings
(scholarship cap = $2,600) Andrews University

30% of earnings (scholarship cap = $1,000) Burman University

50% of all earnings (no cap)  Fresno Adventist Academy

100% of earnings (scholarship cap = $3,000) La Sierra University

50% of earnings (scholarship cap = $1,000) Monterey Bay Academy

Contact School Oakwood University

100% of earnings (scholarship cap = $3,000) Pacific Union College

50% of earnings (scholarship cap = $2,000) Southern Adventist University

75% of earnings (scholarship cap = $2,000) Southwestern Adventist University

100%  of earnings (scholarship cap = $2,000) Union College

50% of earnings (scholarship cap = $1,000) Walla Walla University

100% of earnings (scholarship cap = $1,500) Washington Adventist University

50% of earnings  (scholarship cap = $1,500). Weimar College/Academy


Example: If you earn $3,000, Andrews would award you a $1,500 scholarship. If you earned $5,200, Andrews would give you $2,600. If you earned $6,000, Andrews would still give you $2,600.